This website was created for people who want to learn about, discuss and even use a pragmatic approach to transform museums fullfilling the needs of the 21st century.

It refers to methodologies described in Eric Ries’ widely adopted book The Lean Startup (Amazon UKAmazon US). As preconditions of a revenue-driven enterprise differ from those of cultural institutions, the Lean Museum Startup approach establishes a Lean Startup® path tailored for museums, galleries and all sorts of institiutions and projects taking care of cultural, historic and scientific heritage. We just called it Lean Museum Startup because even to our non-native-English-speaker ears “Lean Cultural Institution Startup” sounds weird. Also the term “cultural institution” might be questionable if the institution wants to act in a non-institutional way.

If you want to

  • change the way you and your fellow coworkers act with each other;
  • experiment with new approaches to get more people in touch with your institution;
  • get more money for your projects, exhibits, whatever;
  • change the digital communication of your museum  –

following the Lean Museum Startup supports you in an understandable, humane way that encourages all people involved to experiment, learn and grow personally.