Crowdfunding Campaigns as Minimal Viable Prototype for Museums?

You might have recognised that the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has recently added a tag #museum for everything that’s related to museums, exhibitions and alike.

What does this mean for museums following a Lean Startup approach? From our perspective, Kickstarter (and other crowdsourcing platforms like Indiegogo, My Major Company [popular in French speaking countries], Startnext [popular in German speaking countries] etc.) can support your Lean Museum Startup project perfectly well.

First it can help you proofing a hypothesis: For example you can check if there are people outside you think they can be attracted by what you want to offer at all.

Second, crowdfunding platforms allow you to interact with people – you normally get feedback from individuals very quickly, can ask questions etc.

Third – it allows you performing price tests: You can e.g. package your offerings for backers in a way allowing you getting information for a second offering (be it based on a Lean Museum Startup initiative or not).

Fourth a crowdfunding campaign could (best case) allow your inner museum startup project shifting from startup to execution: If successfully funded, you can go ahead with your project and deliver what you have promised.

To sum up, we see crowdfunding campaigns as a perfect tool in the Lean Museum Startup toolbox.

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