The Lean *Museum* Startup

At the exciting, inspiring and mindblowing MuseumNext 2013 (see also the tumblr page) many people, mostly leading digital strategy/content or educational departments of museums and galleries and all sorts of cultural institutions spoke about their visions and steps to achieve them.

It was quite obvious that the goals to be reached were not of solely digital nature. In nearly most cases museums want to involve people, get them doing something with what each museum has to offer, get people active, inspired to pull some experience/enlightment from the institution into their life.

IT and digital media were rather understood as tools amongst others. Digitalisation is part of enablemend. Away the times when a museum website seemed to be the website of an enterprise offering cultural artifacts. Away the times when the management of a gallery thought just submitting some app to the appstore means having a digital strategy as part of a vision for the 21st century.

Analysing the challenges and outcomes presented at the conference, I found out that museums and other institutions are in the position of a startup when it comes to realise new projects or even transform the strategy.

Being a big fan of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology, I was immediately convinced that this methodology can help all sorts of institutions to reach their goals. And here the journey begins…

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